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5 Weight Management Tips To Get In Shape After Pandemic

by Victoria Baker

Want to learn how to manage your shape after the pandemic? If YES is your answer, then this guide is made especially for you!

The pandemic has been quite a stressful situation for almost all of us. Almost all of us have been sitting home on a rest mode. While it has been productive for some people, the pandemic has caused problems for others, one of which is weight gain or losing shape.

Research shows 51% of Americans claiming that they have gained weight in the pandemic. So many have been struggling with diet or food disorders.

As gyms and other facilities closed and people faced economic uncertainty many people replaced exercise routines with stress eating & people who were already obese were more likely to gain more weight.

Now that the pandemic is almost over and things are getting back to normal, most people want to shed extra pounds quickly. To do this, expert tips are needed.

I made this guide to show you 5 weight management tips to lose weight after the pandemic.

Below are simple steps on how you can do that, so without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Know Your BMI

First things first, you must be aware of your BMI (basal metabolic index) to see just how much you should and need to lose.

Each and every age group has its own BMI, and if you’re in the range given, it means your weight is okay with your age.

When you know about your BMI, you will know exactly how much to lose and how much you should not; thereby following either a weight loss or maintenance diet with exercise.

Calculating BMI is quite a complex procedure, but it is made easy with this free online BMI calculator, which will help you calculate your BMI in a few minutes.

Cut Your Daily Calories

Once you know about your BMI, if you fall into the weight reduction range, which most people do, you would need to cut down on your calories.

When cutting down on your calories, you need to understand the number of calories you need on a daily basis.

This calculation can be made easy with a calorie calculator. To see how many calories you can cut out of your daily diet or to maintain calories of a certain amount, check this calorie calculator out.

Based on the number of calories you take daily, you take as few as 1200 calories in a day; cutting more calories than 1200 could be damaging to the metabolism, so be careful.

Eat Healthily

Once you know what to do, it is time to start tracking your food timings and your food habits.

This means that you should focus on eating the food that’s healthy and only eat when it’s time for a meal. You should stop eating when it’s not needed.

Stay away from processed foods, canned foods, oily foods, junk food, and fast food, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Over half of American’s calories come from ultra-processed foods.

Also, make sure you know the number of calories in everything you take.

You can also try out some of these healthy snack recipes from my blog.

Modern style clean food, boiled egg, grilled chicken and avocado, strawberry, vegetable salad

Exercise Is Important 

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain it, or get in shape, no one can deny the importance of exercise.

Make sure you work out for at least 20-30 minutes a day to get in shape and give your body the boost it needs to get slim after the pandemic. Use this free calculation tool to estimate how many calories you will burn in a specific amount of time exercise for dozens of different exercises. Simply enter the duration of your exercise along with your weight in pounds or kilograms. This free tool quickly returns results for a variety of popular sports and activities like walking, running, basketball, aerobic, etc.

Exercise also helps release happy hormones in the body, thus reducing mental issues.

Never Give Up

Last but not least, it is important to understand that giving up is not an option, and it needs to be emphasized more.

No matter what you do, never give up. It’s okay to have cheat days, it’s okay to not want to exercise or feel lazy once in a while as long as you remain consistent with what you do and do not give up.

I hope this guide on 5 weight management tips to lose weight after a pandemic was useful in providing you with relevant information. Let me know how you’re coping with weight loss and what your experience is. Peace!

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