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What Kind of Live Music Should You Hire?

by Victoria Baker

Introduction: What is Live Music Anyway?

The most common misconception with live music is that it’s only about the songs. Live music has so much more to offer than just songs. Live bands are able to provide a more interactive experience for the audience, as they can see and hear what is happening. Live musicians also tend to be better at improvising on stage and can keep people engaged throughout the night with their own personalities.

Why You Should Consider Hiring Professional Live Music for Your Event

A live band can provide the right mood for any event. From weddings to corporate events, they sound just as good as background music. It’s important to have the right musicians for your event. A good violinist, for example, can provide a calming ambience while a jazz band might be the perfect fit for a classy evening reception. Saxophone players can add some versatility since they can perform jazz, blues and pop music as well. It’s worth exploring all of your options before making any commitments because you’ll want to find something that matches your vision.

How to Find & Choose the Right Live Band for Your Event

Choosing a live band is one of the most important aspects of any event. Whether you’re looking for a nice dinner and dance, or a more upbeat party with dancing and singing, you want to make sure that the band can play all of your favorite songs in addition to fitting in with the rest of the festivitie.  But how do you know if you’ve found the right band? There are many things to consider when choosing a live band for your event.

Well, let’s start with the basics: there are two kinds of bands – cover bands and original bands. Cover bands are more experienced and usually have an extensive repertoire of songs that they’ve learned over the years. Original bands are newer to the scene but have a fresh new sound that might be more appealing to your guests.

Visualise how the music will fit in with the theme of your event – If you’ve opted for a theme (Gatsby, Vintage, Hollywood or James Bond, 70s or similar) are you looking for music solely in that style or a something to appeal to a wider range of tastes?

Setting a budget, negotiating and more

When it comes to choosing the band for your event, your budget may play a big role, especially if you’re paying for it yourself. The fees bands charge might vary greatly based on their level of skill, just like any other business.

Supply as much information as possible to your potential band – The more information you can present your band, the more precisely and swiftly they will be able to provide you with an estimate, and the more certain you will be that you are receiving what you want for your event.

Pro Tip: Use the same vendor to provide a variety of services for your day to save money – If you’re planning an all-day event, like a wedding, you might want to explore scheduling many performances for different sections of the day (music for your wedding ceremony, drinks reception, evening party etc.) Alternatively, you might hire a single band to take care of everything for the duration of your event.




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