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Fun tomato and egg mushrooms

by Victoria Baker

Ingredients:Fun tomato and egg mushrooms for kids

10 egg
5 Tomato
1 tube of mayonnaise
1 bunch parsley, fresh, smooth


For the mushrooms make 10 hard boiled eggs (6-10 min), then scares them off with cold water and leaves them still in the cold water.

Cut the tomatoes to half, cut out the stem end, than remove the seeds and flesh with a teaspoon. Dry the tomato halves on a kitchen paper.

Peel off the eggs and cut a little on the thick bottom cap from the white, so that the eggs can be put down.

Get a large cake plate ant put freshly washed parsley leaves on it, than  put down the eggs spread out evenly.

Now sit on the tomato halves and press small dots with mayonnaise on the red caps.

A yummy fun and a visual feast for the eyes for any party.


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