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Learn Cooking the Fun Way

by Victoria Baker

I was pleasantly surprised to come across an excellent online source of culinary knowledge that stands out with its unique approach. In an era dominated by processed foods, the essence of understanding what to cultivate, what to consume, and what truly nourishes is waning. However, CulinarySchools.org presents an innovative approach to imparting knowledge about healthy eating to both children and adults.  It’s a digital platform for a plethora of culinary things like kids games, cooking tools, and a robust culinary-focused database for anyone looking to pursue their gastronomic passion

What’s their unconventional method, you ask? It’s none other than the magic of games! Yes, games, the timeless tool of amusement and education, serve as the gateway to fostering a deep understanding of nutrition in a delightful and immersive manner. It’s a testament to their dedication to making culinary education accessible, engaging, and above all, enjoyable for everyone.

Some of my favorite games:

Do you remember the popular Worms game series? Well, if you loved those, you’ll adore this little game called Fast Food Combat. It features two worm-like characters fighting for food in the center, where the more food you eat, the more points you gain. However, you must be careful; consuming rotten or frozen fruits will make you sick and time you out for 5 seconds, giving a significant advantage to the other player. The controls are a bit slow, requiring quick reflexes to beat the AI opponent. It takes some practice, but this also adds a little challenge even for adults.

If you love adorable characters, you must try “Bunnicula’s Kaotic Kitchen“! It’s a simple recipe-making game where children assist Bunnicula in cooking up unique dishes. You just open the fridge to discover new recipes and keep track of the ones you’ve already cooked. Simply tap the ingredients to add them to the soup, while cute pets around the house randomly pop up to see what you’re doing. Not sure what kind of creature Bunnicula is, but she looks incredibly cute and passionate about cooking, making you root for her success.

If you’re up for a challenge, give “What’s Grandma Hiding” a try. It’s a much more intricate hidden object game where you’ll need to keenly search for items (clues) cleverly concealed in various cluttered rooms. Remember, you can navigate around the screen with your mouse to explore a larger area. I must admit, it took me a good five minutes to find the scarecrow the first time until I realized I could move around. Learn from my mistake, don’t get stuck like I did, haha! The only downside is the waiting time after finding each clue. While you can revisit the same level to uncover more clues, I, like you, prefer to keep moving forward swiftly.

Their games are crafted with both mobile and desktop users in mind, utilizing HTML5 web design for seamless compatibility. Each game link opens in a new tab, immersing players in the gaming experience. Game categories including Food education games, Serving different eaters, Brain games and other fun food related games.

Other Useful Tools on the site:

When it comes to food related stuff, Culinary Schools go beyond just fun. They’ve got some awesome online tools that both beginners and experienced chefs can use.

One of these tools is the Tip Calculator. It helps split bills between friends and also gives a bit of history about tipping. You might be surprised to find out that even past presidents weren’t always great tippers!

Another handy tool is the Ingredient Conversion tool. It’s perfect for those times when you’re trying to figure out how much of one thing equals another. It covers liquids, calories, weights, and temperatures, making cooking measurements a breeze.

And for those who are into fitness and food, there’s the Workout Calculator and Body Fat Calculator.

But what’s really cool about these tools is that they’re not just about numbers. They also teach you stuff. For example, with the BMI score, you not only find out your score but also learn about healthy ranges, how they’re decided, different ways to measure your body, and what you can do to stay healthy.

So, Culinary Schools’ online tools aren’t just for crunching numbers. They’re like a fun way to learn more about cooking and taking care of yourself.


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