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Get a Personalized Letter from Santa

by Victoria Baker

Which children don’t want a personal letter from Santa? 

For children, a letter from Santa Claus can add to the magic of the holiday season. Many countries set up special facilities to handle the enormous number of letters addressed to the North Pole — and as in previous years, Santa is taking appropriate steps to make sure that every child is included in the festivities. 

Decorative Envelope from Santa

Santa Letter Factory has came up with a great idea. Their “Letter from Santa” is a service that sends Certified Letters from Santa to anyone, with a special map showing the route Santa will take from the North Pole to their home. All this in a decorative envelope. Each Individual Piece Is Printed On Fine Linen Paper And Embossed With Raised Seals. It’s not limited to just children and adults can also get in on the fun!

Santa Letter not just make your child happy, but 10% of all profits from SantaLetters.org goes to Toys for Tots that providing toys, books, and other gifts to less fortunate children. 


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