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How to say thank you to your clients the right way

Handwritten thank you notes are trending again

by Victoria Baker

While I was searching for a cool thank you email template for my giveaway winners, I realized how identical and boring most of these templates are, and probably 90% of the recipients will never made it to the end. So I was started to thinking. What if I send them a handwritten letter?

These days getting a letter written by hand is such a rarity that I would definitely read it If I  get one. Also writing a handwritten thank-you note is one of the greatest methods to express your appreciation. Sending a thank you email or making a phone call are both acceptable methods to convey your respect, but handwritten letters truly make the person receiving the message feel special.

After a bit of research I bumped into this interesting article about “how to say thank you in different cultures” which is pretty much sums up most traditional ways to say thank you. Fun fact that some countries put more emphasis on expressing gratitude than others. If you are in India or the Philippines for example , people may find you disingenuous or rude if you overuse “thank you”, so don’t try that!

After a deeper research I found out that this particular website has built a unique service for sending out personalized thank you notes. It can be also integrated with the most popular marketing systems, like Salesforce or Hubspot.  They found out that traditional print, handwritten notes have an 80% open rate compared to emails. With this new method you will be able build deeper, more personal relationships with your clients. Isn’t that amazing?

They platform allows you to send real notes and cards with your message written in ink and pen. Their Robotic handwriting machines will write your message in realistic handwriting on the card and address the envelope and place it in the mail with a real stamp.

If you want to try their service visit their website at Handwrytten.com. You will also be able to request some thank you note samples, before you send something untested to your precious clients.

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