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It’s time to play some online solitaire

by Victoria Baker

Solitaire was one of the first PC games to really hit the mainstream and has offered a fun way for people to waste time in offices and homes since it was first included with the Windows operating system in 1990. The card game isn’t new, however, with origins that date back to the 1800s.  If you like to play old-school Solitaire, check out Solitaire.org, they have a huge selection of different Solitaire games but also offer a lot of different free online games to choose from.

Why we like Solitaire so much?

Solitaire card games are ideal for playing casually on your own, because they are typically quite easy to learn and play. The main advantage of solitaire is that it may keep you entertained in periods of intense boredom. If the mind is idle, it becomes tired and agitated, which is why Solitaire has been one of the most popular worker’s escapes since it first appeared on the Windows operating system. Boredom can have a number of negative consequences, therefore escaping it in any way is beneficial.

But what about solitaire games that are so simple to play that they can even be enjoyed by children? And which solitaire games exactly would be good choices to introduce to younger kids? Fortunately the range of solitaire card games is so diverse that there are many excellent and simple solitaire games that are perfectly suited to people of all ages that want something very easy or casual to play.

The most popular Solitare types:

Klondike is a tremendously popular solitaire game that is played all over the world, easily outnumbering all other varieties of solitaire. This game, known in the UK as “Patience,” became popular during the gold rush in Klondike, Canada – yep, that’s an actual area – and was popularized by gold prospectors. I suppose sifting dirt for gold day in and day out can get a little tedious!

Tri-Peaks is one of my favorite! It isn’t a matching game, since in this game you are removing cards one higher or less in value than the current card. The layout has an arrangement of three adjacent pyramids (hence the name) of six cards each, and a lower row of ten cards. After dealing a card face-up from the remaining stock to the waste pile, you remove to the waste pile any cards in the tableau that aren’t covered by other cards, each time going up or down in value by one. The aim is to remove all the cards in the layout while going once through the deck.

FreeCell: At the start of the game, a single deck is dealt face up into eight columns. There are four foundation piles, and as in most solitaire games, the goal is to build cards from each suit in ascending sequence from Ace through King. But in addition to these foundation piles, there are four storage cells that can be used to temporarily store a card from the bottom of any column, and that’s where the real fun of FreeCell lies. Cards in the tableau are arranged down in alternating colours, and such sequences can be moved between columns – but only with the help of available cells – while a space created in the tableau can be filled with any card. Given that all the cards are visible at the start of the game, FreeCell is an open game and you have perfect information to work with from the outset, so there are no surprises awaiting you. Winning requires sheer skill, and there is very little luck.

Other exciting games to try

Solitaire.org provides a wide choice of online games that are completely free to play. The main focus is on Solitaire games, but there are also other games to try. They offer a collection of card games, mahjong tile games, hidden object games, and a bunch of other fun online games you can play directly in your web browser.

If you really want to switch off, you must try the Garden Secrets Hidden Objects Game. It has a mesmerizing graphic with a beautiful calming background music. You simply have to find some items on the picture that shown at the bottom of the screen. If you are stuck on an item you can click on the [?] button then click on the item to reveal where it is located.

If you enjoy retro-style games that are both entertaining and challenging, Solitaire.org is certainly worth a try.


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