Healthy Snack Recipes
Healthy Snack Recipes

Know More About Healthy Snacks

Here are some ideas about what easy snacks to make. When your stomach is grumbling at wee hours of the day or night, do not raid your refrigerator or kitchen shelves for candy bars, chips or other unhealthy foods. They might be loaded with lots of oil, sugar and non-healthy fats. You can find some easy snacks to make that are healthier, rich in nutrients, minerals and proteins. Healthy snacks play a vital role as a part of your daily diet and it can pile up your pounds or help you reduce weight at the same time. Eat consciously and know what goes into your mouth to limit the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This helps you enjoy sustained energy to stay active throughout the day.

Indulge in dairy products:
Have calcium rich snacks with dairy products such as low fat plain yoghurt, low fat milk or low fat cheese slices. You can add a couple of fruits to make it a milk shake or smoothie to have a filling and soothing snack that has natural sugars of the fruit. You can also have it along with whole grain crackers or cereals.

Make interesting snacks with vegetables and beans:
You can enjoy the goodness of vegetables and beans even through your snacks. Make hummus with chickpeas and dip celery sticks, carrot sticks in it and much on. The garbanzo beans or chickpeas are full of proteins and fiber. You can also toss some cooked beans in olive oil with a dash of salt and spice to make an interesting snack to fulfill your craving time.

Include lots of fresh fruits and unsalted nuts:
Fruits and nuts are a part of easy snacks to make, as they are full of fiber, unsaturated fats and proteins that satiate your hungry stomach. Have few chunks of fruit with a handful of nuts. Also, have some dried fruits like raisins and apricots to make your snack time interesting and power packed!

Prepare treats with peanut butter:
Peanut butter is loaded with proteins that are good for you and plays a vital role in easy snacks to make. Spread it on multi grain breads, whole wheat crackers, tortillas, toasted whole wheat breads, slices of apple, peach, pear, celery sticks and bananas.

Add all kinds of cheese:
Low fat cheese contains a huge amount of calcium and protein. Go for string cheese, American cheese, cottage cheese and cream cheese. Have some whole grain crackers and pair it with a bowl of cottage cheese and apple sauce. Try celery and cream cheese if you dislike peanut butter. Melt some cheese over the fresh vegetables on a tortilla for a light version of pizza.

Never forget the Granola:
You can prepare your own trail mix using granola breakfast cereal, rolled oats, raisin, cranberries, sunflower seeds and pretzel sticks. You can also have granola along with low fat yoghurt or Greek yogurt to have a crunchy snack with a sweet hint of it. You can also give this to your kids as they love to munch on anything crunchy.

I hope you will find here some easy snacks to make for yourself.

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