Healthy Sweet Snacks

Treat Yourself with Healthy Sweet Snacks

28 Jun , 2014  

What do we really know about heathy sweet snacks? Sweet snacks and fast food have become the new alpha foods of the tinsel town. Especially sweet snacks have their own charm and people simply love to gobble such sweet snacks at one go. However, due to a sedentary lifestyle, modern day Homo sapiens have become more or less unhealthy. Due to this the doctors have asked people not to have lots of snacks.

However, modern day dieticians have chalked out a path in between the two. Now one can have snacks as well as lead a healthy lifestyle. Let us throw light on some snacks that are not only sweet but healthy too. If you can't wait jump to the Healthy Sweet Snacks section right away for some cool recipes.

Almond crescent cookies are one of the most important cookies that are not only sweet but healthy too. Almond is very fruitful for the improvement of our brains.

Healthy Sweet Snacks - Almond CookiesGranolas of papaya and pineapple have really helped people in listening to both their tongue as well as their bodies. These granolas as well know are extremely tasty and they do not have the refined sugar as well as the trans-fat content of some other granola bars and of some other healthy sweet snacks.

You can also try one of my favorite healthy sweet snack recipe: the Coconout Crack Bar. Not only healthy but you can make in 10 minutes and it also gluten free. If you prefer fruity bars, check my No Bake Cherry Bar too.

Shakes are considered tasty by one and all, however, the calorie content of milkshakes make them obnoxious for weight watchers. But a strawberry-tofu milk shake would really go down nicely in terms of calories as well.

Berry salad is another sweet snack that is easy to prepare, health and tastes delicious too. Strawberry, blackberry and raspberry can be served with some twigs of mint and basil to give it a great twist as well as taste.

Choosing fruits for snacking are always a good idea. But you don't have to stuck only with the fresh fruits and salads. Try to bake those fruit in the owen with different fillings and toppings. Any type of cheese could be a good match with them. My first suggestion is the Baked Pear with Gorgonzola but if you prefer peach better, try my Peaches with Ricotta recipe. You can always find out new variations, you can't fail.

I hope you find this article useful, and already choose your favorite healthy sweet snacks.

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