Healthy Sweet Snacks

Healthy Sweet Snacks for Weight Loss

10 Jun , 2014  

Many sweet snacks are high in fat, carbohydrates and calories. Cut out high- calorie , high-sugar snacks and replace with healthy sweet snacks options can help satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your calories down. Avoid sugary sodas , sweet pastries - goods like donuts and cakes, and hard candies that sharply cut back on calories and aid in weight loss. Eat nutritious, balanced sweet snacks,  rich in complex carbohydrates, These are great protein and healthy fat sources. Have a healthy sweet snack everyday  as a reward for your dieting efforts. Consider to add an exercise program to increase your weight loss plan. Consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Here is some healthy sweet snack example:

Healthy Sweet Snacks Frozen grapesFrozen Grapes: Frozen grapes are a low calorie, high fiber snacks that can give you a cool treat on a hot day . High fiber foods help you feel full longer which can help to prevent the urge to overeat. Remove stems and wash the grapes thoroughly before freezing. Place the fruit in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for a few hours. If you do not prefer grapes, try to freeze bananas, berries or pineapple as alternatives for healthy sweet snacks.

Healthy Sweet Snacks - Strawberry-Frozen-YogurtFrozen Yogurt Yogurt contains fewer calories than high-fat ice cream options. Dairy snacks can help regulate the digestive system and provides a rich source of calcium to keep your bones strong . Serve in a cup or cone and add a serving of fat-free whipped cream to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your calories in check.

Healthy Sweet Snacks - Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate: A study in "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" notes the flavanols in dark chocolate helped to increase insulin sensitivity, which may facilitate weight loss. The study also linked dark chocolate with a lowering of blood pressure. Eat moderate amounts, because this sweet taste snacks is high in fat. Avoid lighter chocolates containing milk, caramel and sweet compounds because these foods are high in calories and promotes weight gain.

Healthy Sweet Snacks - FruitSaladjpgFriut Salad Fruit salads offer you a nutritious , low- calorie snack high in vitamins, minerals and fiber . Drizzle with honey or add a serving of nuts to spruce up your snack . Try to use seasonal fruits for a fresh and tasty healthy dessert.

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