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Sweet “Beer” for Kids with Vanilia

14 Nov , 2013  

Sweet "Beer" for Kids with Vanilia




1 can of apricot (425 ml)
1 pack jello, lemon (2 bags for 1/2 liter)
200 g of sugar
1/4 liter of milk
1/4 liter of whipping cream
1 pack of sauce powder (dessert sauce)
1 pack vanilla sugar


Drain the apricots and chop into small pieces. Put half of it in 8-10 glasses of beer ( 150 ml).

Put the jelly powder and sugar in a saucepan. Stir in 1 liter of water. While stirring, heat until everything has dissolved (do not boil). Let cool slightly and fill the glasses up almost half. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours. Let it stand at room temperature, the remaining jelly.

Once the jelly is firmly in the glasses, distribute the remaining apricots into the glasses. Take the rest of the still liquid jelly and fill about 1 cm into the glasses below the rim. At least 2-3 hours or preferably refrigerate overnight.

For the "Flower" milk, put the whipping cream, the sauce powder and vanilla sugar in a mixing bowl and mix it until you get a light cream. Set on the jelly and refrigerate until serving.

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